Token Locations

Prize tokens may only be redeemed at regular club meetings.  You must be a member of the Tri-County Metal Detecting Club to redeem tokens.  Non members who find tokens have the option of joining the club to redeem them.
TokenPrizeHidden Token Location
1 1922-S Peace DollarNewton Falls Park
21935 Walking Liberty HalfSalem Centennial Park
31866 3 Cent Piece CanadaNewton Falls Park
41911- D Barber DimeLa Brae Ball Park
51945 Washington QuarterBurbank Park
91944- D Walking liberty HalfPackard Park
111901 Indian Head CentPerkins Park
12Morgan 1 oz Silver RoundAuto Union Hall Park
141888 Indian Head CentLordstown City Park
16Seated 1891-0 Waddell Park
171865 3 Cent Piece CanadaSalem Waterworth Park
181945 Merc. Dime MS 64Waddell Park
19American Eagle Silver Round 1 ozStevens Park
21Civil War Token 08089Kennedy Park
221957 Washington QuarterHowland Park
231954-D Franklin Half AU +Howland Park
29Detroit Auto CapitolPerkins park
30Eisenhower Uncirculated 1971Waterworth Park (Salem)
33 90% Silver Commerotive ProofQuinby Park
34Morgan Silver Round 1oz Wick Recreation (Snow slide area)
36Eisenhower 1974 ProofCentral park Warren
391865 2 cent CopperHowland Park

A Public Demonstration at the Cortland SCOPE Building in April 2011

A Public Demonstration at the Cortland SCOPE Building in April 2011
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