I.  Club Purpose:
To promote the hobby of metal detecting, meet and discuss ideas with other metal detecting enthusiasts, open doors to our community by being a professionally recognized organization, share our experience and interest with newcomers to the hobby, and educate ourselves with the help of equipment specialists and local historians.

II.  Meetings:
Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise stated at the previous meeting and /or monthly newsletter.  Doors open at 6:00 PM, meetings start at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise stated at the previous meeting and/or monthly newsletter.  During the months of November, December, January, February and March the meetings will be held at the Cortland SCOPE Building or other suitable meeting facility in a central Trumbull County location.  April, May, June, July, August, September and October meetings shall be held at outdoor public parks or other detecting sites as established at the previous meeting and/or monthly newsletter.  Hunt follows the meeting.

III.  Membership Dues:
Annual dues for an individual is $20.00.  Immediate family Maximum is $24.00.  Immediate family includes: Mon, Dad, Spouse, Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters who are living in your household.  Dues are payable at or before each November meeting, and are for the following calendar year.  Dues are paid prior to the election of officers to maintain voting eligibility and are non refundable.  New member candidates may attend their first meeting as a guest at no cost.  New members pay prorated dues calculated by using the sum of $1.70 per month (individual membership) or $2.00 per month (family membership) for months remaining in that calendar year.  New member's dues are payable prior to the beginning of his/her second meeting accompanied by a new member enrollment information form. NO dirty coins.

IV.  Officer Election Process:
Nominations for officers will be held at the regular meeting every October.  Candidates may send a representative if unable to attend this meeting.  Candidates may only run for one office each year.  Officers are elected by closed ballot at the regular meeting every November.  Newly elected officers will assume duties at the January meeting.  There are no limits to how many terms officers may serve.  Term length is one (1) year.  Officer resignations during their term are to be in writing to the Club President.  The vacant office will be filled by appointment (and acceptance) of a member by the Club President for the remainder of the term.

V.  Elected Officers & Duties
Presides over meetings and plans agenda.  Works with Secretary on typing, printing, and mailing monthly newsletters.
Presides over meetings and plans agenda in the absence of the President.  Fills in for other principal officers during their absence.
Keeps, reads, and writes minutes of the meetings.  Keeps club roster up to date, and distributes to members.  Coordinates meeting advertisements with the "Warren Tribune Chronicle", "The Free Press", and "The Review" newspapers.  Receives dues from members and transfers funds to treasurer.  Maintains records of meeting attendance.   Works with President on typing, printing, and mailing monthly newsletters.
Maintains bank account, balance records, and receipt records of club funds.  Authorized by club to carry up to $100.00 Petty Cash.  Reimburses members for expenses that were properly justified and voted on.  Members to furnish receipts to the treasurer prior to the start of meetings.  Funds are dispersed to members by club check or in cash.  Sends a representative with the club funds if unable to attend the meetings.
     Public Relations Officer:
Invites and coordinates with President any guest speakers for meetings.  Deals with public on any events/issues.  Maintains good standing relations with local law enforcement.  Receives calls from public and landowners in need of assistance locating items.
     Membership Chairman (appoints own committee)
Helps welcome and acclimate new members.  Distributes membership enrollment information forms and guest name badges. Explains club policies/by-laws to new members.  Introduces guests and new members at meetings.
     Activities Chairman (appoints own committee)
Plans and schedules club outings and events.  Maintains calendar of club events.
     Research Chairman (appoints own committee)
Specializes in assisting members obtain information about particular locations or events of the past.  Performs research on various areas for club hunts.
     Club Librarian
Maintains order of club property (books, videos, etc)  Maintains record of materials loaned out to members.  Accepts and organizes materials donated by members.  brings materials to meetings for members to "check-out".  Sends representative with materials if unable to attend meetings.

VI.  Member's Code of Ethics
     Meeting Conduct:
Maintain professionalism and show mutual respect and courtesy for each other.  Refrain from use of profane or obscene language.   No smoking during indoor meetings.
     Field Conduct:
Code of Ethics as found in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine
I will respect private property and do no treasure hunting without the owner's permission.
I will fill all excavations.
I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, and private property
I will use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.
I will build fires in designated or safe places only.
I will leave gates as found.
I will remove and properly dispose of any trash that I find.
I will not litter.
I will not destroy property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures.
I will not tamper with signs, structural facilities, or equipment.

VII.  Membership Requirements:
Have an interest in the hobby of metal detecting.  Candidates under the age of 16 must have a current member as a sponsor.  Sponsors must attend club meetings or club events with "under 16" member.

VIII.  Typical Meeting Agenda
1.  Meeting called to order.
2. Secretary reads minutes from previous meeting
3.  Treasurer gives financial report.
4  Reports of sick or distressed members.
5.  Introduction of new members and first time guests.
6.  Chairman's reports.
7.  Old business.
8.  New Business.
9.  Evening program.
10.  Meeting adjourned.
11.  Refreshments sserved - Outdoor meetings, hunt begins.

IX.  Club Library Policy:
Only club members may participate.  Members may borrow up to three items at a time.  Items should be returned within two meetings after borrowing. (approximately 60 days).  Donations of books, magazines, maps, and videos are appreciatively accepted by the Club Librarian.

X.  Revisions to club by-laws:
Changes, additions, or deletions to club by-laws may be made by majority vote at any stated meeting.

A Public Demonstration at the Cortland SCOPE Building in April 2011

A Public Demonstration at the Cortland SCOPE Building in April 2011
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